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OTT Edgebanders

produced in Lambach, Austria since 1963 and are known throughout Europe for their heavy-duty construction, reliability, little to no set up time, high production output, and exceptional panel quality achieving invisible-glue joints.
Combimelt Glue System
Patented Top Driven Glue Roller

The only patented TOP DRIVEN glue roller in the world! There are no bearings or seals in the bottom of the glue head to leak and ruin pots and drive shafts.
Zero glue-joint stepper motor controlled glue dosage
Service station for preheating glue pots for immediate use
Service station for the cleaning of glue pots
Dry box for the storage of PUR glue pots
Available in PUR and EVA

Ott Edgebander Models

Machine Length:  5.65 meters
Infeed Speed:  12-18 meters a minute
Edges Applied:  .3 to 15mm
Panel Length:  150mm
Panel Width:  80mm
Panel Thickness:  8-60mm

Machine Length:  6.3 meters
Infeed Speed:  12-18 meters a minute
Edges Applied:  .3 to 15mm
Panel Length: 150mm
Panel Width: 70mm
Panel Thickness:  8-60mm
FlexEdge Edgebander

Machine Length: 7 meters
Infeed Speed: 12-20 meters a minute
Edges Applied: .3 to 15mm
Panel Length: 150mm
Panel Width: 70mm
Panel Thickness: 8-60mm

Machine Length:  7.8 meters
Infeed Speed: 12-20 meters a minute
Edges Applied:  .3 to 15mm
Panel Length:  150mm
Panel Width:  70mm
Panel Thickness:  8-60mm


Machine Length:  8.6 meters
Infeed Speed:  12-25 meters/min
Edges Applied: .2 to 25mm
Panel Length:  150mm
Panel Width:  60mm
Panel Thickness:  8-80mm

EdgebandersMachine Length: (XS) 8.6 meters (S) 9.3 meters (L) 10.3 meters
Infeed Speed: 12-25 meters a minute (corner rounding at 25 meters)
Edges Applied:  .3 to 20mm
Panel Length:  150mm
Panel Width:  60mm
Panel Thickness:  8-80mm

Ott Edgebander Return Systems/Automatic Stacking Stations


Fully integrated into machine control
Max Size: 2400mm x 800mm
Min Size:  200mm x 200mm
Panel Thickness:  8mm-50mm
Larger parts to be removed at the end of the machine.
Unloading table with 4 side rollers and lifting device at end of conveyor for large parts

Edgebander Return
Fully integrated with machine control
Max Size:  1300mm x 3000mm
Min Size:  150mm x 70mm
Weight:  60 kg
Panel rotation of 90-180 degrees

Edgebander return
Fully integrated with machine control
Max Size: 3600mm x 1600mm
MinSize:  150mm x 70mm
Max Weight:  120 kg
Panel Rotation
Automatic Stacking Stations Available
Conveyor belt return
Can be paired with a second edgebander
Robotic Arm

Edgebander Robotic Arm

Fully integrated with machine control
Maximum Weight: 120 kg
Max Panel:  Customer specified
Min Panel:  150mm x 70mm
Conveyor belt return
Part rotation
Customer specified stacking stations

What makes the OTT Edgebander line the best on the market?

 A few of the key features include
  • No operator set up time.  Ott edgebanders are perfect for both Batch One and High Production facilities. Servo controlled automatic adjustment of workstations and glue dosage. The controller automatically increases the gap between panels to approximately 2000mm to allow edge types to change and stations adjust for new contours. The gap is then returned to normal as new panels are fed into the machine infeed. There's no wasted production time waiting for the feed track to empty.
  • Transtart Fence forces the panels against the fence eliminating mis-fed boards.
  • The patented Glue Pot drive system mounts above the glue pot.  No leaky seals in the bottom of your pot contaminating the drive system.
  • The Combimelt Gluing System simplifies the changing of Glue Pots and Hoppers.   OTT edgebanders can process PUR and EVA glues.  The invisible glue joint is achieved with precision electronic metering of the glue dosage.  This is accomplished automatically within each program or by touch screen.  The dry storage system allows already heated PUR glue to be kept for days.
  • Edge thickness up to 25mm solid wood.
  • Edgeband Milling Unit to trim oversize edgings to the proper height when running thin boards.
  • End-Trim stations designed to not damage soft and easy to scratch panels.
  • Corner Rounding speeds up to 25 meters a minute.
  • Patented Corner Rounding Motor that can select up to 3 profiles without changing motors or tooling.
  • AZK 4 – Automatic profile scraper changer for 4 profiles. This includes the high gloss function that allows for flush trimming of panels with protective films without manual operator adjustment of copy wheels.  Ott doesn't use combination profile scrapers like the competitors.  Profile knives rotate into position maintaining the zero-line.
  • Special textured board buffing units that clean textured panels.  There's no need to spend time cleaning panels.
  • Grooving units per customer specification.
  • Innovative board return systems like the TransCompact,  Translift, Transedge and Robotic Arms.  Your production will increase dramatically with the right return system.
  • Electrical cabinets and wiring are UL certified.
The Edgebander Selection Form is for professionals that want to narrow models and options prior to conversations and meetings, streamlining the process of purchasing the edgebander that provides the proper solution.  We’ll evaluate the materials, edges, and your production goals and prepare a customized report with descriptions, pictures, and video links to the machine and features that provide your proper solution.
Nutek Machinery is proud to give you a glimpse into the OTT Edgebanding Factory.  Visit our OTT Factory Tour page to see why we are so excited to bring the OTT line to the U.S. and why OTT is the right choice for your company to improve efficiency, improve quality, and increase production.  

We also want to share pictures from our European Factory Tours.  These machines must maintain the quality of the parts produced in the most demanding production conditions.
OTT edgebander factory
NuTek Machinery - 24300 Solon Road STE I, Bedford, OH 44146 216.904.0215
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