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Zero glue joint, perfectly machined edges

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Try our new edgebander selection form to receive a detailed report of which features and models will give you the finished panel quality you desire and the productivity advantage over your competition you need, to be successful.  We want to make it easy.  Choose how you would like to receive your free detailed report when you fill out the form.

  Visit our Ott edgebander page and schedule an online or at your plant presentation of the Ott edgebander line.   Our presentation is informative and clearly communicates the key features of the Ott edgebander line that separates Ott from every other edgebander on the market.

 NuTek Machinery is the North American sales, service, and parts center for Stema drilling, hardware insertion, drill and dowel, and storage retrieval systems.  We'll be updating out site with information on this exciting new line.

We are excited to welcome our new dealer, Woodworking Solutions, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Mike Heagan has over 40 years of expertise in the woodworking industry and is ready to assist his customers to find their proper edgebander solution.
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Transform your most challenging production to everyday success with industry leading machinery
    • Innovative designs
    • Reliable performance
    • Efficient production
    • High quality finished panels

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Parts & Service

Parts- Machine uptime is just as important to us as it is to you.   We keep a full inventory of parts for the lines we import.   Contact us for parts for Ott, Houfek, and Modesta.  We can also assist you with our U.S. partners, Giben and Emax.

Service- Technicians attend factory training and certification courses so we can provide consistent service to our customers.  Both NuTek Machinery and our equipment manufacturers are committed and willing to connect remotely to your machinery when problems arise, reducing down time. Remote support is included with your new machinery purchase resulting in reduced maintenance costs.  

Training- NuTek Machinery offers on-site training for operators and maintenance personnel.  We're working on The NuTeknology Center and will soon open our doors for seminars and classes to empower your employees to excellence.
NuTek Machinery - 24300 Solon Road Suite I, Bedford, OH 44146 216.904.0215
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